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It’s 2017 Y’All!!!

I know i’m late, but still let me start this year by posting this twitter conversation that happened almost 5 years ago in the middle of Matlab class, July 2012. Time flies really fast.

“Life is so quick, so don’t try to run away” – Be Strong (MC Mong Feat. Ailee)

Calling out to all people involved; Tusi, Dita, Dewi L, Moslem, Rizky, Indri.

Dita is getting married on February 11, 2017. I can’t wait to go back to Java, where the best possible memories were made.


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Tableau 9.1.0

The company i work for stopped our Tableau maintenance last year. Maintenance expired on Sept 2015, so the latest version i could get is Tableau 9.1.0.

After almost 12 months using it, i encounter a few uncomfortable things, well whatever you called it, error? bug? problem? limitation?

When i “meet” new problem/error, i tend to look for what cause them, sometimes i find the cause, mostly i don’t. Sometimes error occurred out of nowhere, which is very much making me wanted to flip my desk.

So i make my own Tableau-Error-101 list to remind myself at work :

  • To Synchronize axis (chart with dual axis) : Measures must have the same data type (right click on your Measure >> change data type).
  • Trend line can’t be used for Discrete, change it to Continuous.
  • Tooltips’ Decimal Places depends on Axis’ decimal places which is quite annoying (can’t do anything about that).
  • I have a problem with my data type, a few times. Lets say i have a Measure called “A”, (in excel) it’s a number decimal. But in Tableau it’s Number (whole) instead of Number (decimal), at that time i thought “well i can just change it into Number (decimal), problem solved!“, turns out that’s NOT solving my problem. I can’t use Number (whole), because the Total would be completely different. So in the end i have to copy and paste “A” to another column. One thing i noticed is that, if your data is a number decimal, then your Measure’s “Describe..” should be “double precision” instead of “single precision”.
  • Save workbook failed……” If this happens, I suggest you to read this thread >>

In my case, this famous error occurs a lot (data > 1 million records), what i do to solve this:

  1. Do not close your file, try to open the same file, maybe it’s already saved (happened once).
  2. Delete temporary data (C:\Users\…\AppData\Local\Temp\TableauTemp), and save your work.
  3. Export your important sheets/dashboards to .twb/ .twbx, close file, re-open, import your sheets/dashboard.
  4. If 3 alternatives above are not working, then there is only one way, DO IT OVER! Mostly 1 or 2 sheets, that’s not a lot of work right? Besides, if you wasted 10 minutes over ONE sheet, then you might want to consider changing your design, 10 minutes for one sheet is just too much. Wait, are you sure only 1 or 2 sheets? Well my habit is that after i’ve done with one sheet, i save my work, so that when this error occurred, i know that the latest sheet i touch is the one causing this error, delete, save! (it works every time).

I recommend you to read a blog post about How to auto save your tableau workbook.

One sign this error would likely to happen : Type-in formula in column/row/measure value shelf is not working.

Probably caused by:

  1. Out of nowhere
  2. Abusing undo-redo
  3. Abusing Quick table calculation button
  4. Abusing rename button
  • Highlight dashboard actions is not working, both Highlight and Highlight (generated), look at the pictures below : Highlight and Highlight (generated)

You see, when i highlight “2022”, not all related bar get highlighted. So why is it not working? After re-doing my work, turns out problem occurs because i place “Measure Names” dimension in Marks All card.

1.4 highlight_dashboard actions not working cause

Why do i place it there? In one sheet, different axis, i have 3 different measure values; a, b, and c. By placing “Measure Names” dimension in Marks All card, i can simplify my tooltips :

Alright, that’s all for now, gonna keep updating this list if i encounter more error messages and find more causes. Until then, 뿅!

Data viz · Tableau

Generating high resolution images of Tableau views

The Last Data Bender

[This is one of those posts where I am going to show you something cool and useful, and then advise you that this is something you shouldn’t do. The URL in this post is undocumented and unsupported (by Tableau and by me) so if you are not comfortable with that, go no further. Here, there be dragons…]

Below is a conversation I have semi-regularly with customers:

Customer:  Hey Alan! We love our dashboards and we’d like to use them in some printed materials we produce. Can we do that?

Alan:   Of course you can. You just copy or export an image file and you have a nice PNG, JPG or BMP to work with. Whack that in there and away you go!

Customer:  Yeah, we tried that. But the image file formats are produced at screen resolution and become fuzzy when printed as part of a document. Can we get something…

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May The 4

Hello world! Kikikikikikik berasa belajar java aja sih pake hello world segala.

heiiiiiii it’s May the 4!!!! 4 Mei maksudnya wkwkwkwkwk, thought i’m gonna share
2 things before “long weekend laziness” kicks in. So here you go…

1. Kamu ketombean?
wakakakakaka udh kaya iklan, tapi ini bukan iklan, sumpah!
Jadi anda-anda masi ketombean meski udh nyoba bermacem-macem sampo? Hmmm… I feel you bro. Gue juga dulu nyoba segala macem sampo, suns*lk, cle*r, z*nc, “kepala dan
bahu”, r*jo*ce, balik lagi ke cle*r, tapi ketombe ga ilang-ilang. Tapi setelah gue
pake Sampo Mustika Ratu yg Merang, ketombe pun sirna huahahahaha, akhirnya rambut
bebas ketombe, 3 hari ga sampo-an rambut masi alus, biasany kalo dulu itu udh
berminyak gitu, tapi sekarang engga lagi 😀


2. Jadi gue sekarang lagi keranjingan nonton I Can See Your Voice (ICSYV) korea
(bukan drama ya, itu mah i can hear your voice). Jadi di show ini, ada beberapa
kontestan gitu (7-10 orang), nah lalu ada guest (guestnya selalu penyanyi), nah
guest ini disuruh ngeliminasi kontestan yang buta nada, sampe tersisa satu orang,
satu orang ini bakal duet sama si guest, kalo satu orang ini ternyata buta nada,
dia bakal dapet 5 juta won (+/- 50 juta rupiah), kalo dia ga buta nada nanti dia
bakal nyanyiin lagu si guest trus dipublikasikan secara digital.

Nah jadi pas nonton Immortal Song yg guest nya Lee Sungchul, gue nemuin muka-muka
familiar di antara para penonton, yang ternyata pernah tampil di ICSYV, nah
kayaknya sih mereka dateng buat ngedukung Hwang Chi Yeol wkwkwkwkwkw (Hwang Chi
Yeol pernah ikutan ICSYV), berikut penampakannya…

Alright then, i’ll see you when i see you, bhay!

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Solar Eclipse Today!!! (March 9, 2016)

It’s today!!!! Solar eclipse happened here this morning in my hometown, Pekanbaru-Riau. Snatched a few photos from my front yard, although it wasn’t a total solar eclipse, only 90%, but still 😀

7-8 AM

Zoom version of Begin
Zoom version of Begin_2
almost 90%
almost 90%_1
Almost 2
almost 90%_2
the best i could get
The best i could get
after 4
After 3
after 4_1
Zoom version of After 3
after 3
After 4
after 3_1
Zoom version of After 4
after 2
After 5
after 2_1
Zoom version of After 5
after 1
The last one, i have to run to the bathroom
after 1_2
Zoom version of The last one…
taken by kak uli
This one was taken by my older sister in Nilai, Kuala Lumpur
taken by tusi
This one was taken by Tusi Saricang in Bogor
taken by Happy's photographer friend
This one was taken by Happy’s photographer friend in Sulawesi Tengah
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Mug Cake – Cake in a Mug

Punya microwave nganggur?

Let’s bake a cake!!!

HUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH akhirnya eksekusi juga nih bikin kue pake microwave.

Kalo googling pake keyword “Microwave cake in a mug” macem-macem deh resep yang muncul, gue ga tau menahu soal bikin kue, jadi ini bikinnya dengan sedikit hati-hati dan banyak sotoy dengan alasan “ah namanya juga coba-coba, suka-suka gue dong”.

Warning! follow this step with your own risk. oke that was nonsense. here we go!

Bahan yang gue pake :

1. 2 sendok makan gula pasir
2. 2 sendok makan tepung terigu/tepung serbaguna (itu noh segitiga biru dll)
3. 1/2 sendok makan baking powder (biar kuenya ngembang ya tante tante)
4. 2 sendok makan cocoa powder
5. 1 butir telur
6. coklat (apa aja ini mah, asal coklatnya manis)
7. 1 sendok makan air putih (harusnya sih 1 sendok makan susu cair dan 1 sendok makan minyak sayur, tapi di rumah 2 bahan ini ga ada, jadi gue pake air aja wkwkwkwkwkwkwk)

(note: biasa aja ya nyendoknya, ga perlu lah sampe menggunung tinggi gitu, kebanyakan entar)

Langkah memasak :

1. Masukin semua bahan tadi dalam mug, aduk rata pake garpu biar ga banyak bahan yg nempel (ga mau rugi wkwkwkwkwk)
2. Panasin microwave (gue panasin 1 menit doang, idupin >> start >> abis 1 menit microwave stop sendiri), nah di suhu berapa? i don’t know, pake suhu maksimum, kalo microwave gue suhu nya ga di setting, berarti dia bakal otomatis pake suhu maximum

3. Masukin deh tuh mug, tutup microwave.

4. Setel waktunya 2 menit dulu, kalo udah kelar 2 menit cek dulu kuenya, tusuk pake lidi, kalo pas ditarik lidinya bersih a.k.a ga ada yang lengket-lengket gitu, berarti kue nya udah masak, yeay! kalo belom matang ya masak lagi, jangan lama-lama ntar gosong.

5. Done. You’ve baked a cake!

It taste so good. Well not “so good Breadtalk good”, but mmmm… delish.
Sedikit kering efek ga pake minyak sayur kikikikikikik, tapi toh abis juga gue makan.

Karena No pict = Hoax, so here you go.

Ntar malem mau bikin Hasselback Potato.