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Tableau Web Data Connector

First of all, please pardon my English. English is not my first language.
Second of all, i post this as a reminder for myself, if you find it helpful then good for you 😀

Tableau brings data visualization to a whole new level. You can extract data from any website using Web Data Connector (Tableau 9.1).
Alex Ross in his blog Tableau Junkie posted some examples of his web data connector (facebook, twitter, open weather map) check out his Github to download the code HERE.

After reading Alex Ross blog post, i start wondering, what is the very first step to make a connector? i’m not a programmer, i never use javascript, where do i write this whole code? How do i run the code?
Turns out that the answer is available on Tableau’s online help HERE.

Easy huh? But NOT FOR ME. I don’t even understand how to do the first part, it took me three days to work on it. So here it is.
## Obviously you’re gonna need Tableau Web Data Connector SDK (WDC SDK), download HERE and then I extract the file in C:\WDC SDK (for the rest of this post i assumed you also use the same location)
## To work with WDC SDK you need web server running in your computer (source: Tableau Online Help)
Or you can just install Python ( *i use Pyhton 2* and follow the instruction how to use Python for WDC HERE

BUT if you’re as doomed as i am in programming world, then follow my steps below:

1. Download and Install python (example location C:\Pyhton27) >> finish
2. Go to Computer properties >> Advanced system settings >> Environment Variables.. >> Edit Path (Path is in System variables box) >> type ;C:\Python27\ at the end of variable value (do not delete variable value that already exist, just type ;C:\Python27\ at the end of it) >> ok >> ok >> ok
3. Open your command prompt (type cmd in Start search for windows user)
4. Next step, Tableau online help said “Change folders to the location where you extracted the Web Data Connector SDK.”
>> In your command prompt type cd c:\WDC SDK (change c:\WDC SDK to the location where you extracted WDC SDK file) >> enter
5. Still in command prompt (which now show c:\WDC SDK>)
for Python 2.x type python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8888
for Python 3.x type python -m http.server 8888
(if you are already using port 8888 for another purpose, specify a different port – i quoted this from tableau onlinehelp)
6. Done. Congratulation!!! now you can move on to the next instruction a.k.a Part 2

The -supposed to be- easiest part is done.
Good luck in creating the code.

Agent Nia is signing off.


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