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Data visualization is delicious. Just like 3 pieces of my Doughnut (this doughnut is killing me, it’s 9.24 pm and i want it!!!).

This post is planned to be published a week ago, but due to unexpected laziness of writing down the narration, so…

Well here we go. This post is about my sudden obsession about Data visualization and Tableau. Here is some blog and post from data viz guru and Tableau Zen Master that i found insightful and helpful. Add it to your bookmarks or whatever, it’s up to you.

Data visualization.

Communicating ideas and information. Visually. -Ryan Robitaille- See his post HERE and his blog

Based on my need, data viz is not about pretty graph or colorful chart, but it’s about presenting information in un-misleading simplicity (is my grammar okay?).

Anyway, there are pros and contras about using one of the most loving chart (since excel still has it so i guess people still loves it, like really loves it) which known as Pie Chart. Who hates Pie right? It’s an amazing dessert, i love chocolate pie. I called this pro and contra as PIE WARRR.

Let the war begin.

Timo Elliot post THIS in his blog, he said that there is a research about how our brain shows no difference in pie chart and bar chart perception (read the comment section too).
And then data viz guru Stephen Few also post an article in his blog in reply to Timo Elliot HERE.
Oh my god this is sooo FUN hihihihihi.
There are so much hate on Pie chart. Below is some example of it:






But, you might want to read this too >>

So, is it okay to use Pie chart or not? It depends. Depends on your situation, but if you can use other charts to tell your data better, then why bother?


Enough about the Pie. I have a list of blog you might want to read.

3. (i love Kelly Martin :D)
9. Mike Bostock awesome visualization >>> If you are brave enough, learn how to make it here >>>
10. Must read blog post >>

Tableau is Love, Tableau is Life
3. list of dataviz blog >>>
4. list of Tableau Zen Master blog >>>

Tableau knowledge :
But i make bullet chart using this one (change line chart to gantt bar) >>>
5. Data blending >>
6. (No more losing your hours of work)

There. Done. Finally post this one. Goodnight!!


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