Dad ~in memory~

Someone said that We are so busy growing UP and forget that our parents are also growing OLD.

This is somewhat true.

My dad passed away 12 days ago, 22 January 2015 around 3.30 am, i forgot that he was actually 68 years old, i forgot the fact that my parents are no longer as young as they were before. The last time i met my dad was on my graduation ceremony, 19 Nov 2014. The last phone call was 3 January 2015. It’s heavy, this feeling of regret is heavy.

Is it really the perfect time?

Goodbye my very first love.
Goodbye my forever ideal man.
Goodbye the only man whose picture is in my purse.
Goodbye mom’s very own hairdresser.
Goodbye mom’s forever handsome soulmate.
Goodbye the one who loves and being loved.
Goodbye the one who will always being called in my every prayer.
Goodbye daddy.




Ayah dan cucu




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